16oz Drunk'n Mosquito Glass Citronella Candle

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Quick Facts:
-100% pure soy wax with premium fragrance oils consisting of eucalyptus, lime citronella, lemongrass, citronella and vanilla.
-Poured half-full (16 Oz) for natural wind barrier to keep flame contained and lit.
-Provides 15-foot coverage radius and burns approximately 200 hours.
-Most effective when placed on ground to create natural bug-free barrier.
-Decorative glass design perfect for patio parties, outdoor weddings, grad parties, and more!

More Info: For those who want to enjoy life's adventures, bug free! Made with a blend of citronella, lime, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and vanilla, this eco-friendly candle keeps the bugs away while maintaining a safe environment. You'll LOVE it, bugs will HATE it! All Drunk'n Mosquito products are safe for the whole family, dogs, and farm life! This glass mason jar is the perfect addition to any patio party, or around the bonfire or back deck!

Due to our newest partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, each purchase of Drunk'n Mosquito now goes to preserving Michigan state parks, trails, and waterways!

Burn Instructions:  
1. Place candle on or close to ground. That's where the bugs are!
2. Light 20-30 minutes in advance so scent can rise and fill area (approx. 15 ft radius).
3. Cover with lid when done using and store inside.
On first burn only, let candle liquefy to edge of container to avoid core burn. Recommend 4 hr. maximum burn times.

You can now find Drunk'n Mosquito in roughly 50 business locations around Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois! We're so grateful for the support in keeping people, dogs, and farm life bug free. Drunk'n Mosquito has also partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources! Now, each purchase of our products helps preserve Michigan State Parks, trails, and waterways.

About the Owners:
God fed and bug free! Drunk'n Mosquito is based in Chelsea, MI, and owned by Amy and Ryann Eff. We are celebrating our 11th year in business!

Ryann and Amy met at Main Street Church in Chelsea, MI, and were engaged within 6 months! The day they got engaged, was the very day they made the decision to take on the ownership of this family business together.

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