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Are you an artist, designer, or maker? Now’s your chance to share your work with the world.
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Why sell with Ruffled Feather?

Here at Ruffled Feather, we believe that supporting small businesses is essential to creating thriving local communities. That’s why we are committed to offering a wide range of unique and small business products in our store. From handmade hobbys to eco-friendly goods, we strive to provide our customers with products that are as unique as they are.

By partnering with Ruffled Feather, makers can benefit from our existing marketing efforts, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. Ruffled Feather’s established online presence can also provide makers with greater visibility and accessibility to customers who prefer to shop online. By adding your products to our store and web, makers can focus on what they do best – creating unique and high-quality products – while relying on Ruffled Feather’s expertise in sales and marketing to help both businesses grow.

Some helpful information to include in your email:


  1. Contact information (name, email, phone number, address)
  2. Business name and description
  3. Type of products being sold
  4. Product description (materials used, dimensions, care instructions, etc.)
  5. Pricing information
  6. Wholesale pricing (if applicable)
  7. Can we include your items on our web store
  8. Production process (where and how the products are made)
  9. Images of the products (including high-quality product photos)
  10. Where else are your products currently sold (if applicable)
  11. Marketing (how will/does the maker promote their products)
  12. Any additional relevant information, such as certifications or awards received.

Including these details in an application will help Ruffled Feather’s store team to evaluate whether the products align with our brand, mission, and customer base, and make an informed decision about whether to stock the products in store.


Please reach out to us via email at 
[email protected]

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